The Elements of Care


370 X 670mm limited edition (50) archival print

All profits donated to Le Ciel Foundation

Imagine a world where there are a couple of values – a few golden threads – that we could agree on as having an influence over the choices we make: connection, appreciation, and responsibility for the evolution of life on Earth.

By taking responsibility for our energy and showing appreciation for what we have access to in each moment, endeavouring to expand our consciousness with each challenge that presents itself, every step of the way we can transform the way we co-exist with all living forms.


It all makes a difference, no matter how insignificant that difference might seem at the time.

Le Ciel Foundation

Across the globe, the message from indigenous Elders is the same.

We have 4 years to change our current trajectory and embrace our true place in the global, universal plan, in full humility.

2024 will be a turning point for humanity and the chance to go from a revolution (circling to the same point humanity is at today) to a transcending evolution, spiralling up towards the unknown.

This sense of urgency is reinforced by reports from the U.N.’s intergovernmental panel on Climate Change (IPCC), urging society to drastically reduce its carbon footprint on the Earth and change its ways.


It’s time to act.


Le Ciel Foundation recognises that one of the main root causes of this crisis is a systemic separation between the material and the spiritual: our society has forgotten how to instil daily actions with purpose, values and principles that integrate within a global vision based on interconnectivity and collaboration with all life. And so, each one of our initiatives exists to catalyse this much-needed transformation.



Guided at every step by the values of wisdom traditions, we adopt a holistic and multi-layered approach to impacting change, addressing our individual and collective beliefs, behaviours, actions and systems.


We believe in a world of harmony and balance where all life, including humans, animals, vegetal and mineral life forms, on Earth and beyond are respected.


We are here to catalyse a rapid shift in paradigm, to evolve to a way of living and being based on spirituality, ecology and oneness.


Our aim is to:

– Reconnect humanity with nature and its true nature.

– Bridge the know-how and ingenuity of modernity with the wisdom of ancestral traditions

– Help create a global paradigm shift beneficial to all life


To ensure sustainable and responsibility change, we create, set up and support projects based on 3 main pillars – education, inclusion, and preservation. 


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(All proceeds from Care prints will be donated to Le Ciel Foundation.)


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