Attention | Appreciation | Abundance

‘Now pause, no possession is required, and the power to swell the moment from the resources of our own heart until it supersedes sun & moon & solar system in its expanding immensity. The moment is all, in all noble relations.’


– Ralph Waldo Emerson


230 x 230 mm limited edition archival print

All profits will be donated to Greenpop

Air – our first breath and taste of the world outside of our mother’s womb, as well as our last. On average a human cannot last longer than three minutes without this element. With each inhalation we are moved into expansion, and with each exhalation, we soften into a state of release. Science has shown how shallow fast breathing creates a state of anxiety within the body, while slow deep belly breathing will create a deeper state of relaxation and presence.


Air is also the element of the mental plane, and it is associated with perception, the intellect, communication, and the collective hive mind. It is the builder of bridges and pollinates networks of relation. All thought processes belong to the element of air, and it is in this realm that we are able to conjure up visions and experiment with our imagination. It is here that we form the narrative of who we are and how we communicate these visions and stories with one another.


The power of breath and thought is immense and our ability to tap into this power is often forgotten. Creation starts with an impulse, an idea, and from this space our chosen words and vision provide direction around that which we wish to bring into this world. If gratitude manifests as one of the most beautiful water crystals, then it is likely that thoughts of appreciation will have a greatly positive impact on how we relate and communicate with one another. Through careful attention to our thoughts and perceptions we are able to direct our focus to that which we most appreciate, and there is always something to appreciate. The more we direct our attention to this the more positively abundant our lives will be felt at any given moment.


Greenpop is an award-winning registered non-profit organisation headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. We work to restore ecosystems and empower environmental stewards through reforestation, urban greening, sustainable development, and environmental art projects across Sub- Saharan Africa. Our vision is a Treevolution – a world where people and nature thrive together. We’re on a mission to plant trees, green communities and empower environmental stewards across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Forests provide vital services to both people and the planet, bolstering livelihoods, providing clean air and water, conserving biodiversity and responding to climate change. However, in Sub-Saharan Africa, forest cover is decreasing at an alarming rate. From unregulated logging (often by foreign companies), to clearing for cash crops, to overuse of trees for fuel, human activity is putting increasing and devastating pressure on forest and woodland ecosystems.


Greenpop’s Forests for Life programme aims to connect small-scale organisations across Sub-Saharan Africa with funding and support to plant trees, restore forest and woodland habitats, effectively manage critical catchment areas, and improve the lives of communities who rely on forest resources.

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WE BELIEVE IN (RE)CONNECTING PEOPLE WITH OUR PLANET. We have become disconnected from nature, our beautiful planet and only home. If we (re)connect with nature and each other in meaningful ways, we believe that caring for our planet will become second nature.


WE BELIEVE IN GETTING ACTIVE (NOT ANXIOUS) ABOUT THE FUTURE OF OUR PLANET. There are a lot of doom and gloom messages out there and it makes us stressed out, anxious and even apathetic. We believe that positivity and action are the best ways to motivate change.


WE BELIEVE THAT CHANGING THE WORLD IS FUN. When we give back and create value for the earth and our fellow human beings, joy is created – changing our own lives and changing the world. We’re on a mission to have fun and share this joy with as many people as possible.


WE BELIEVE IN MAKING GREENING POPULAR. We’re on a mission to popularise environmentalism – making it accessible to everyone, appealing, creative and fun!


Greenpop Foundation NPC is a registered non-profit organisation. Registration Number (NPO): 151-411 NPO.


For more information about Greenpop and their current project click here

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